Extracted from letters from Liew Fook Mun (ACS Seremban Class of 1959)

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Dear Lee Sing,
I am very pleased to receive your reply and to know that you maintain an active interest in the realm of academia in keeping with your long and illustrious career in science. Physics, I believe, is your special field of study. Although I do not have any leaning towards science, at this late stage, it has stirred my interest and propelled me, as a layman, to have a better understanding of the mystery of the Universe and other areas of science which have widening applications across almost every aspect of our life. Following my retirement I have more time on hand and able to do some reading on areas that appeal to my curiosity.

We are very fortunate that the local libraries are well stocked with books and equipped with other facilities to cater for residents'  needs. The huge strides in scientific advancement seen over the last few decades and the ceaseless application of digital technology in multifarious fields have radically changed our life and the ways things are done. Keeping pace with these rapid changes is increasingly daunting to a senior disadvantaged by age! The truism that learning is a life long process becomes more self evident.
The speed of these technological changes is quite revolutionary affecting our behaviour in the process. I specifically refer to the slavish manner smart phones are used. The device seems to have gained control over some users -  the younger ones seem inseparable from the devices and are staring  into them at all times! Almost a ubiquitous sight wherever you go.

Another change is the emergence of E-books. I hope printed books will not be superseded by E-books.The tactile quality inherent in a book cannot be replaced, at least speaking as one grown up in the age of printed books.
It is regrettable that ACSOSA has not established a website as a forum to galvanise the considerable number of old students that had past through its portals. Victoria Institution in KL  has a well developed site providing a wealth of information worthy of its rich heritage. I appreciate that to have a comprehensive website is a huge task and requires sustained organisation, leadership and  finance which may be relatively scarce in the case of ACS. We cannot compare with VI where funding poses no problem with a large number of influential and wealthy supporters. The Old Paulians are better organised than us, I would say. But sadly KGV has not made much headway in his regard but I still maintain personal contact with a number of my Sixth Form school mates.

Nonetheless, I am sure with the large number of old students who have benefited from the wonderful education provided by ACS, admittedly with very modest facilities available, we are all indebted to ACS for the nurturing us, I am sure we are willing to contribute something in return where we can. Perhaps we will see the first step in the launching of a proper website worthy of ACS, before long, to preserve its 100 years history and serve as a continuous link to its past., present and future. The outstanding role of pioneers like Yong Yew Kim, Ngui Choon Jin, Ponnudurai,  McCoy,  Veerapen and others deserves due recognition. Yew Kim's unwavering dedication I hasten to add has an immeasurable impact on the growth of the school from its modest origin when the school reopened in 1946 after the Japanese Occupation.

Be that as it may, AC'S  annual dinner is held on the first Saturday of August every year and this year it falls on 1st Aug. I missed it last year but will be there this year to celebrate its milestone centenary year. The class of 1959  will attempt to get as many of our classmates to turn up. It will be wonderful if Sau San and you can be present at the dinner as most of us remember you well as you were actively involved in the schools activities. All of us will be extremely happy to see you again and renew old fellowship. Please let me know in due course and I will notify Seah Choon Chye,organiser of the class of 1959, to include you and any other classmates that you may be able to contact and would like to attend - the more the better.

I am attaching a photo taken in 2009 that marke the 50 anniversary of the class of 1959. I trust you will remember quite a few of them for e g Lim Kuan Aik who was an excellent table tennis player (unfortunately we lost him last year), Tengku Uzir, ,  (he passed away about 3 year ago), K C George was a popular personality who physically stands above us (now  confined to a wheel-chair because of a leg amputation due to diabetes) , Hiew Woo Kiat a retired teacher, his brother Woon San was in your class, Wong Shue Kin was also in your class as well (he is a regular participant at our dinners), Mak Chee Chai (a retired headmaster of a school)  was  quite well known in school. Tan Lam Lin, who was in the same year as you, is in Seremban but I have not met him for many years and he hardly attends any of the dinners. I met Kenneth  and Lim Kim Sang at a dinner about three years ago. Kim Seng was noted for his athletic prowess, sadly he passed away shortly after that.

Fook Man

I am attaching some photos of the class of 1959 capturing the activities of the septuagenarians.
Please feel free to post photos you consider appropriate to your ACS website.

These images highlight the transforming effects senescence have unleashed upon us. All things considered,
we wear our age and carry the years with dignity and most of us are blessed with reasonable health and
manage to avoid the use of prosthesis!

All of us are grateful for the opportunity to meet from time to time to continue the enduring bond of friendship
formed many decades ago and refresh the happy memories of the days gone by with fondness undaunted by the
memory impairment that has crept in.

Unfortunately, with each passing year, the rule regulating the cycle of life compels us, with sadness, to bid permanent farewell,
to some of our dear friends. In fact, by force of habit our age group now pays closer attention to the obituary section of the newspapers.

All the best,